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Are all your items authentic?

Yes, every one of them. Each artifact was professionally authenticated by an expert, for example, an auctioneer for objects acquired at auctions and specialists in various fields, for example for the Eiffel Tower fragment and for our dinosaur eggshells.

Does the fragmentation of objects affect their value?

Not at all. We believe these fragment carry just as much magic. From the famous "J'accuse…!," on the front page of the l’Aurore newspaper, written by Émile Zola, to swatches from a French flag that traveled with the Apollo 15 mission to the Moon, Every one of these fragments is steeped in history.
Imagine a little French flag traveling hundreds of thousands of kilometers to orbit another celestial body before being encased in resin.
Imagine this newspaper page, published over a century ago, which still bears the memory of a historic fight against injustice.
Imagine the hands of Alexander McQueen searching for the perfect fabrics for his renowned "Dante" collection.
Yes, the magic is here. But HistoryCube's real uniqueness is bringing together all of these historic fragments in a single collection. Only 30 centimeters long, these objects contain 14 stories that span five billion years.

Will I actually receive an object that looks exactly like the one pictured on your website?

Absolutely. Although each block of resin will be slightly different, as each piece is unique, the size of the objects or their color may differ and small bubbles may also appear when the blocks are cast. But these variations are almost imperceptible.

I love your product, but because I’m interested in only one of the items included in the blocks will you sell them individually?

We believe HistoryCube’s strength lies in its assembling of all of these unique elements in a single collection. But we also understand that there are serious collectors specialized in specific areas. We may be able to offer certain items we've collected with inclusions only, provided we have enough material left following the initial process. You can sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media to follow future HistoryCube releases. And yes, perhaps we will offer inclusions only!

If I have a unique item, may I present it to you for a possible future edition?

Definitely! Contact us and we'll be delighted to consider your proposal. Please note that the object must include a certificate of authenticity and, in the absence of one, we ask that you have your piece authenticated by an expert (in France, for example, you can contact the CNE for assistance: https:/ /

When do you plan to release a second edition?

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